Driving for CAN-AM


After our holiday in Switzerland we never returned to Webster Trucking. Webster failed to pay us while we were in Switzerland. It took a phone call to the owners to remind them to direct deposit our pay checks. I called our former manager for the owners telephone number. He offered us a job so when we returned to the states we met up with him at his terminal in Camden, New Jersey, CAN-AM was pulling loads for Dole. We hauled all manner of produce outbound from Dole and were loaded back with all manner of freight and refrigerated goods.

One of our trips was to Wisconsin. We were early and had to wait to unload. We dropped the trailer and went to New Glaris. This is a town settled primarily by Swiss. The town and is similar to the villages and towns we found in Switzerland.

We have been purchasing Swiss items from Roberts store in town. So we decided to stop and get a meal of Sauer Bratten.

Jim with his pride and joy a Kenworth tractor!

The arches at Saint Louis

The hotel in Saint Galaris look at the window boxes, makes you homesick for Switzerland

The New Glaris Brewing Company where you can tip a cow.





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