Our Wedding Hikes



Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg then onto Gimmelwald and then up to Sprutz


This started out as a walk to Stechelberg.  Naturally since it was to be a walk we decided that we did not need to put on the Lowa hiking boots. Instead I was clad in my Keen sandals, not the best for what was to come. Hind sight is always 20/20.   The walk to Stechelberg goes through the Lauterbrunnen Valley with a gentle but steady climb.  Once the road changes to trail the path winds along the Weis Lütschinen (white river) the air is cooled by the frigid snow melt river.  There are benches all along the trail for resting and looking at the scenery.   At one point there is an area with tables, fire ring and spring water. Delicious and cold spring water flowing from a tap quenches your thirst.  We got there and decided to push on to the gondola station at Stechelberg with thoughts of a quick ride up to Grindelwald for some more Brownies a.k.a. “Horse Shit Balls”.  We decided to climb the trail instead of riding the gondola.  It is about an hour and half climb up a winding trail.   When we got to the top we stopped for some refreshments a couple of Rugen Braus and something from the light menu.  We shared a platter of cheeses, Apple, and bowl of Potato Soup.  Re-fueled we decided to push on to the water falls at Sprutz. They are supposed to be a real treat. They were once we got there.  You get to walk behind the falls and see the water rush overhead.   Rick Steves’ guide said they are behind Gimmelwald, well they are but he did not say way behind and way up! Yup the trail again climbed up and up and finally we got to the falls.   We passed behind them and climbed up again to the trail back to Gimmelwald.  One that looked less adventurous than the climb up to Sprutz.   Actually the trail tied into the one we just climbed so we retraced our tracks to Gimmelwald where we purchased a ticket to Stechelberg and caught a bus back to Lauterbrunnen Dorf.  The stop is directly in front of Chalet Horner.


The Sights we saw:


Watching hay being made on the mountain side

A view of the snow cap that makes the rivers flow with cold Alpine water

My wife Bonnie Cooling at the water’s edge

The peaks where we are headed

The two Happy Newly Weds snapped by another couple hiking back

The stream rushing to the valley below

You mean we have more up hill ahead of us

The view from under the Waterfall

Bonnie climbing up from behind the water fall

Look closely to see the gorge the water fall has created

The trail down to the water fall made slippery by the water spray

The cows coming to welcome us back note how sharply the land falls off on the other side of the road.


The cows were only concerned with feeding not the people in their pasture.  We made it back and took the gondola to the bottom where we got onto the Lauterbrunnen Bus for a ride back to the Chalet Horner













Männlichen to Klein Schiedegg and back to Männlichen


We had hoped to hike the north face of the Eiger Mountain, however, it is still covered in parts by snow and some of the trail has been removed by avalanche of the snow pack.   So we went instead to Männlichen to start a hike we had not done before.   We took the train to Wengen where we changed to a gondola to lift us up to Männlichen where the hike would begin.   It was a beautiful day for a hike.  We had our water bottles filled and along with several sandwiches, fruit and chocolate in our fanny pack.  We were prepared.  


We hiked to Klein Scheidegg on a gentle down hill trail, descending about 900 feet. There were several areas where we encountered snow covered trail segments.  With our Lowa boots we charged through them with out any problems. 

At Klein Scheidegg we stopped for a coke with ice and some pommes frittes at the restaurant Eiger Nordwand where we got to practice our Sweitzer Deutsche.  The fräulein was quite helpful and we were able to have a little conversation.  She had on a really nice T Shirt from the hotel/restaurant so we got Bonnie one.  We then took off for the return hike over the romantic loop of the trail.   The trail descended for a while before it once again began climbing.  This trail was quickly becoming one of our favorites.  The views of the Eiger are breathtaking.  You also get a view of Grindelwald way below in the valley.   We climbed and climbed stopping along the way to have the sandwiches and fruit we had brought.  All along the way we refilled our water bottles from the cold snow melt that was running down the mountain side.  We eventually returned to Männlichen only to find the last gondola down to Wengen is 1730 and it is now 2000.   What would we do, it is a good 3 hours down a narrow and steep trail to Wengen and most of it would be traversed in the dark.   We stopped at the only place in Männlichen the Hotel/Restaurant and asked it there were any gondolas to Grindelwald where we could catch a train.  There were none.  However, their cook was finished working at 2030 and he would run us down the 13 kilometers to Grindelwald and then take us back to Lauterbrunnen if we would pay for fuel.  We said merci fulmahl.   Steve the cook rode us down the mountain and gave us some information about the area and took us to the chalet.  How nice of him.  


The sights we saw:


The Eiger north face                                                                                         Jim Playing on the snow pack


Some of the trail was still snow covered                       Bonnie overlooking Grindelwald in the valley below


The happy newly weds pose for a picture in front of Eiger        The Sphinx Weather Station atop the Jungfrau




Crossing more snow covered trail                                                                 June and there is still snow on the trail


           Bonnie Modeling her new shirt               The new shirt from the front. Isn’t she pretty!   


The sign is showing the various famous assaults on the Eiger.  We are content to walk the trail in front of the north face.  The others can climb her.                                        


    A small plaque on the trail.

Bonnie hiding out in the shade


Bonnie sitting on a rock waiting for me                                                       The happy couple together again



Climbing Climbing Climbing                                     More Climbing will it never end, next time we will hike down this trail!


Steve our Savior                                                The Berghaus Männlichen where Steve is the cook.  


Rugen Brau Pilgrimage


We like to walk to the brewery, not because they are open and allow tours, rather there is a nice little restaurant with outdoor seating that has a nice view of the valley. The food there is like all the rest, great!  We walked from Lauterbrunnen to Wilderswil.  It was a nice walk we found several new trails that we need to explore the next time we come back.  We stopped and had supper of Schweinbrot kind of reminded me of the smoky links here at the states but a lot longer and very good taste. Naturally there was some Rugen Brau to wash down the pommes frittes.  After we supped we walked back to the bahnhaus and caught a train back to Lauterbrunnen. It was a really nice night out so when we got home we walked to the falls and then back to Chalet Horner.


The sights we saw.

We went to the brewery but it was closed so we stopped at the restaurant across the street.


Bonnie on the trail along the river.


 Another waterfall, the area is loaded with them.



 Bonnie outside of Wilderswil. Look at all the pretty chalets.  No tract housing here.


 Check out the date on the guest house Steinbock, 1797 I guess the food is good if they are still in business over 200 years later.  It looked real good as we walked by people dining outside.


 The 11 kilometer mark for the Jungfrau Marathon.   During our hikes we kept on seeing markers like these all over the place.  We also saw people getting ready for the next running of the marathon.


 Almost all Chalets have something carved into the wood work.  I will translate it as soon as my German gets better.


 Bonnie at the station (Bahnhaus) waiting a train to take us back to Chalet Horner.


 Back to our cozy chalet.



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