Our Swiss Wedding


The celebratory Bungee Jump

We did a lot of hiking in the Alps. Our wedding Hikes will show you the things we saw.  

6-9-6 Lauterbrunnen atop the Schilthorn Mountain.


We took a coach to Stechelberg where we boarded the first of 4 gondolas to lift us to the top of the mountain.  No one gondola can reach all the way to the top.



Gimmelwald                                                    Mürren                                                             Birg                                                  Schilthorn

            Piz Gloria



Once on the top we changed into our wedding finery and proceeded to the Wedding site.  We met with the Magistrate and she asked if we would allow Andi Jacomet to be present during the ceremony.  He was there to document the duties of the Magistrate and is a web publisher and professional photographer. Andi was most kind to send us a CD of the photos he took.


The ceremony began with Brigitte Salzmann, the Magistrate signing the license then she read vows in both English and Swiss German.  You can see the vows here.

Both Bonnie and I replied in Swiss German by saying Ya, Ish Will which of course means Yes I Do!

We exchanged rings we had bought in the United States at AU Inc.

All of this was witnessed by Carmel Kiscadden, Bonnie’s daughter and Shala Pulgar, our friend. 



After the ceremony we went up to the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria and had a feast of Gemister Salat, Goulash Soup, Pommes Frittes, and of course Rugenbräu, the worlds finest beer.





We then changed to our hiking clothes and descended to Gimmelwald.

We appeared wearing our newly Married Shirts.


We dined on wedding cake of “horse shit balls”.

The bride feeding the groom and the groom feeding the bride the “wedding cake”.

Which are in reality some of the best brownies that can be had in Switzerland or any where else for that matter! We discovered them thanks to Rick Steve’s guide to Switzerland while we were hiking last year. 

We then hiked up to Mürren and across towards Grütshalp where we took the trail down to Lauterbrunnen.

A picture of Carmel and us leaving the desert table and beginning our hike to the chalet.


Us as we begin climbing the trail of life together.

A picture of us caught taking a rest on top of the Staübach Falls Ridge. We had to put on jackets as the sun was sinking and the temperatures were also dropping from the natural air conditioning of the Alps.  Even though it is 6/9 the Alps are covered with snow and the cool air tumbles down into the Lauterbrunnen Valley making it very pleasant all summer long.

Some views of our natural air conditioners that keep us comfortable.


We returned to Chalet Horner and freshened up before going to Camping Jungfrau’s Restaurant. Here we dined on Alpen Macaroni and Pizza along with Rugenbräu. 


Alpine Macaroni has macaroni, cheese potatoes, and ham in it.  It is very good.  The pizza comes in several varieties.  We chose a spicy one.   It was good but we took some of the Alpine Macaroni home in a walk away box to have later.



             Alpen Macaroni                                Spicy Pizza with Onions Peppers and Pepperoni and Rugenbräu naturally! Actually several of them!


We went home entirely happy to be married and to have had it take place as scheduled in the best location in the world.   We will return with the rest of the family next year to renew our vows and to have those who could not make it here this year experience the magic and fantasy of this great country.


The rest of the time we are here we will be hiking familiar trails and some new ones join us on the hikes.


The celebratory Bungee Jump


Our Swiss Hikes


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