Day 2 to of our Wedding adventure



We left the chalet and walked to the train station. We had to go to Unterseen to conduct some business and get me a Smocher (tuxedo).  We left the magistrates office where she was kind enough to hook us up with a place we could get me a tuxedo.  We had a lot to accomplish and wound up getting it all done.  We were too early for dinner so we wandered in circles showing the girls the sights until we arrived back at the same place we started and had dinner there.  We were at the Barron the year before and were not disappointed then or on this visit.  They have been serving food and beverages for almost 400 years at this location so it has to be good.

After dinner we went to AlpinRaft where we booked a bungee jump for Sunday.  I said I would jump but I was nervous actually scared stiff.  Shala also said she was a bit scared.  This from someone who has sky dived.  My my a real confidence booster finding out she was scared.  We then headed back to Lauterbrunnen.  On the way we saw some cows coming home to be milked.

  We would sleep well as we did a lot of walking.


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