The Trip Begins

Tuesday June 6, 2006 @ 08:00

We went to airport and Bonnie dropped me off to pick up rental car for the trip to JFK airport. The first car was going to be far too small to fit our entire luggage so Hertz put us in a different car.  I then went to pick up Carmel and Shala before picking up Bonnie and Tiger our cat.  We loaded the rental car with our “stuff” and headed to the airport with a quick stop in New Jersey at the Covenant terminal to retrieve a watch that we left in our tractor. Then off across Staten Island to the Verazanno Narrows Bridge. We took the Belt Parkway to JFK airport.  There was great confusion on the part of the airline concerning our tickets.  We were spread out all over the airplane. Once resolved we then had to get Tiger a ticket for himself.  Poor Tiger he had to ride in the cat carrier the whole way to Switzerland.  He was very well behaved and never complained much about his cramped quarters.

Tiger in his carrier, the indignity of it all.

That all done we walked through the Homeland Security check point to the gate for the plane.  Convenient to the gate was a

Samuel Adams Bar we stopped for a cold one and a sandwich.  We then boarded the plane for the flight to Germany.  We changed planes in Germany and eventually landed in Zurich.

At last we were back in Switzerland.  The three of us:

Bonnie, Myself and Tiger


We got our baggage and we cleared customs to officially enter into Switzerland. We went to the Bonhaus below the airport to get railway passes for our stay.   We then stopped for some Chocolates at Sprungli and boarded a train for Interlaken where we would change to the train to Lauterbrunnen.

Pulling into the Station (Bonhaus) at Lauterbrunnen you can see the water falls and the snow covered mountain at the end of the valley.

Bonnie is looking at Männlichien, the Hotel Oberland is the fifth building on the right


Bonnie went to the travel office and asked directions to the Chalet Horner.  It is right in the middle of the town convenient to the Bäckerei (Bakery) Molkerie (Dairy Store), and the Metz Haus (Butcher Shop), and directly across from the Hotel Oberland.  The restaurant at the hotel is so very good.  The Kase (Cheese) Fondue is the greatest. 

We found our Chalet and met our land lady and began to settle in.

Bonnie and her Daughter Carmel at Chalet Horner

After we settled in we went to the coop to get some necessities, Rugen Brau and some munchies.

Coming back from the CO-OP; CO-OP is their local super market.  It is small but has all that we will need.

I then relaxed on the balcony that overlooked the waterfall and the valley.

The balcony view.


By now jet lag was getting to everyone.  So we all took a nap.  There is a 6 hour difference in time between Switzerland and the EDT zone we came from.  When we awoke and finally got going it was after 2100 local time. 

So we went to the only place still serving food.  Most of the kitchens shut at 2130. We had a traditional Swiss dish of Raclette which is cheese melted along with potatoes, onions, and gherkin pickles.

Enjoying a cold one waiting for dinner.


 Along with Beer not Rugen Brau but good







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