The Bungy Jump

Or are we nuts!


Bonnie jumped last summer and I was sort of sorry I did not due it with her but I was scared and happy to be on the ground.  I said I would do it this year.  Well this year is here and I am still scared out of my wits.   What can I do wimp out in front of my new wife?   

The ticket is not refundable, and I really wanted to conquer my fear.   We selected Alpin-Raft again for the bungy jump.  They are the oldest company around and have an impeccable safety record.  We see the same faces year after year so we know that there are professionals taking charge of our adventure.  We got on their bus and rode to the gondola station.  I was nervous but secure these guys would get me through alright.

Some shots of us as we are getting ready for the jump.  You can almost see the butterflies in my stomach.


They weighed us and            Waiting on the deck while    OK I’m Happy Here I haven’t been        Go where? Get in What?  I’m              

         marked our hands          they prepare                     told we are ready to do it.                   nervous now, they took my glasses

                                                                                                                                              so I would not lose them on way down   



With legs shaking and Butterflies in my stomach I climbed into the gondola with my true love.  The gondola climbed all the way to the top of the Stockhorn and then descended to the middle over the lake. We were about 148 meters above the water.

 All the way Bonnie held my hand and kept telling me I would like it once I conquered my fears.  After all no one has been hurt doing it yet.   There were two guys in front of me I said I would be third.   Duh!  Well they jumped and the bungy cord was attached to me.  Neil reassured me everything would be OK and told me to concentrate on a patch of snow on a neighboring mountain. I was told to step to the door and they would count down 5 4 3 2 1 Jump! I looked at the camera for a picture and they started counting,

I’m thinking do I really want to do this? No I don’t but what the Hell!

I leaned back and jumped out

Doing a swan dive. 

OH MY GOD! What a rush!!! Free falling to earth!!!


I could only think of one thing after the trip down: Re Ride!  But I got one as I sprung back up toward the car and then fell again stretching the cord.  This happened 4 more times until they lowered me to the boat below.  With 3 jumpers in the boat we headed for shore and where I watched Bonnie jump out.


She stepped to the door looking all happy. Of course she is all happy she just married me… That’s Neil one of the Alpin-Raft Staff smiling for the camera he holds the bungy until you clear the car.  

Jumping out,

Swan Dives,

Falling towards the earth.





On the way down I shouted her name “Go Bonnie” so she would know I was watching her she called my name on the way back up.


Shala knew she was behind me and turned her camera on to movie mode and has a great shot of Bonnie bouncing like a yo-yo.



As soon as I figure out how to add it I will it is really cool.



          Carmel getting ready                                   Shala getting ready                The girls in the gondola



Then the gondola returned to pick up the next batch that included Carmel and Shala.  They got some good shots of Carmel, who was really amped up for the jump and Shala who has already skydived.

Carmel gets to the door,

Swan Jumps,



Falls to earth,

And Rebounds.


Shala gets to the door,



Swan Dives,

Falls to earth




The Jump over we all partook in some liquid nourishment along with some food while we waited for the others to finish their jumps.  Then we got on the Alpin-Raft Bus for the trip back to Interlaken.  We then hiked back to Interlaken Ost Station for the ride to Lauterbrunnen and Chalet Horner.








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