Off to Unterseen to see the Magistrate




The day started out as a bright sunny day.  We went by train to Interlaken Ost (East). There are two stations in Interlaken Ost and West.  We were on a mission.  We took care of some business with the civil authorities which left us on an emotional high.  We left the offices of the magistrate where we obtained information on what we needed to do to get married the next time we come back.  The marriage will take place next summer atop the Schilthorn Mountain.  The magistrate is located in Unterseen, along the Aare River.  The river is a fast flowing river of snow melt that has a pretty blue green color from the dissolved minerals suspended in it.


Our business over we went to rent a little car.  Bonnie and Carmel had rented one on an earlier visit. These are fun cars and not used by the people to commute.  They have such a wonderful mass transit system that most people do not have vehicles.  They are not needed. We got the car and went to the Casino Kurasal where there is folklore show. They did not have any seats available so we booked some for the next night.

I just liked the lawn clock. Then we were off to see about renting a sailboat.  The first place we stopped did not rent them but told us of a place that did rent them about 20 kilometers from where we were.  That was bad news, however, the good news was that they had a good supply of Rugenbräu and it was ice cold.  We sat by the lake and consumed several and then it was off to the boat rental place.

The Grindelwald sign is somewhat blurry.  The cars are rather rough riding but a lot of fun. We rented them at they are located @ Hauptstrasse 39, 3800 Matten +41 338 223 545.  We also go there to get an INTERNET connection.

We were happy there were not any 18 wheelers from the states near us when we were on the highways. The first is from the Rugenbräu stop and the other is on the way to Grindelwald.

They had no boats available that day so we decided to come back again.   We headed back to Interlaken where we would reenact Carmel and Bonnie’s previous escape to Grindelwald.  The little car did fine until it was time to climb the road to Grindelwald.  It was tired, the little one cylinder lawnmower engine had trouble getting us up the mountain at 60 Kilometers an hour and we settled for 25 Kilometers an hour.  We got to Grindelwald and parked the car and walked about the town.   We then returned the car to the adventure place we rented it from.  We walked back through Interlaken and headed for a restaurant named Barren that Bonnie said served great food, it did no reason for them not to serve good food.  They have been in business since 1621. Based on that if they are still in business almost 400 years later they must be doing something right.  

The Barron, in Unterseen, a place we will frequent in this and future visits.   The food and ambience are spectacular.


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