Back to the Stockhorn Not Jumping This Time.


We decided to go back to Stockhorn and see where the great bungy jump occurred.  We decided to eat at the restaurant at the top of the mountain.  We did not get that far the last time since the bungy jump only went half way up the mountain then they open the door and out went the jumpers. We started by taking a train to Interlaken and then a train to Stockhorn station where we walked to the cable cars. We passed by Lake Thun and spotted several sail boats under sail.  There always is wind on the lake from the cold air tumbling down from the Alps.

We arrived at the Stockhorn after a walk of about 2 kilometers from the train station.  We could have taken a bus but we decided to walk. The village was quaint and the weather was nice, it made for a pleasurable walk.

We worked up an appetite with the walk so we took the cable cars to the top. On the way to the top you could see Lake Thun covered with sail boats. 

In all our hikes we have not been able to find any edelweiss flowers.  Today the tables at the restaurant had a potted plant of edelweiss.   We had magnificent views from the height that we were at.  The meal was great and they had our beverage.   We hiked up from the restaurant to the top of the mountain where we saw some climbers and a person in native dress.

We were up high enough that it felt like we were in an airplane looking down at the clouds. We were able to see the lake that Bonnie jumped out over.  We took the car back down and hiked around the lake again hoping to hear the cuckoo bird.  The bird was no where to be heard this time so we hiked to the intermediate station and had a cold beverage before our trip down.

When we got back to the lift station Bonnie found a large rocking horse and a cold Rugenbräu.

We took the car back down and headed for Interlaken.  The views were just fantastic.


We found a chalet under construction and took some pictures. They do know how to build to last here.

All of the wood is true 4x4 dimension lumber.  After we got to Interlaken we headed back to the campground and fell sound asleep.


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