Stock Horn and Bonnie's Bungy Jump



Day 6 started off really bad. The weather is bad, “Swater ish Schlecht!”   It is raining, “Swater ish Riegen”, and really pouring rain down in buckets.  After our shower we head back to the tent and cuddle up under the blankets.


Soon it is time to head to the tourist office for the trip to Alpin Raft’s headquarters where Bonnie will start the trek to the Stockhorn to bungee jump 450 feet from a cable car over a lake.  Jim has no nerve; he will stay on the ground and watch, what a wuss… Bonnie weighs in and is in the first gondola car to the Jump site.


Six people are suited up and then Bonnie and several others enter the car.
The person hanging outside the car in the piccture below is the photographer. She will be cold and wet by the time everyone jumps.


They are followed by the suited up jumpers.  After watching the others jump it is finally Bonnie’s turn. The rain subsided and the sun came out and it was a picture perfect day.  I see her in the door and out she jumps away from the car in a perfect swan dive.


God! She made it look so easy.


All I heard was OH Daddy!  I was snapping pictures of her boinging up and down like some yo-yo she was smiling from ear to ear.  After the up and down motion subsided she was lowered into a waiting row boat.  

Back on Terra Firma her exuberance could hardly be contained.  She had a Jumpers Beer and a Bratwurst sandwich at the campfire, which she shared with her hobbit.  Bonnie orders some prints of the pictures the person hanging outside the car took. After another Beer we walked around the lake and watched some of the other jumpers that still had to go.  Their form was not as good as Bonnie’s.  The idea is to jump out in a swan dive and then spring up the opposite side of the car.   Bonnie’s jump did just that. There was a nice trail around the lake so we took it and while hiking we heard some birds calling. Then we heard a bird that we had never heard at home it was the cuckoo bird.  We thought kind of appropriate considering what was taking place near by.  That is people attaching large rubber bands to them and leaping from a cable car.   After the last of the jumpers were done we headed back to the lift and went down to the vans and back to Lauterbrunnen.  We looked at the pictures and then it was off to bed… I am not sure Bonnie slept that well she was still on a jumper’s high.  A day later she is still saying “that is the coolest thing I have ever done.” Now I am starting to wish that I had done the jump. 


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