Shyniggie Platte

Well rested we got up showered and headed to the tourist office in Lauterbrünnen.  Then off to the Bakeri for some fresh bread, we still had some cheese left from the day before.  Fully provisioned we headed to the Rail Station (Bonhaus) where we took the train again to Wilderswil.


At Wilderswil we changed trains and took a Cog railway to the top of Schynige Platte, it takes about an hour to get to the top.  We went to the Lowa boot store at the station. They do not sell anything, rather they loan you a pair of their boots for a days hike on the trails to try them out. Check out my loaner boots.  We are in the clouds here; hope no planes fly into us.


We again hiked some trails that were a little challenging for us. They were still labeled white/red/white, so they were safe. But they were narrow, steep and some parts had huge drop offs. I know that I was scaring Bonnie because she was afraid I was about to make the news paper.  We got there and back again safely.   I was fortunate to get some really excellent photos of the Eiger  we will be hiking along the face of the Eiger during this trip.   The trail is closed now because of the snow pack. It will open while we are here and then we will get a good look at the mountain

and some of the Lauterbrünnen Valley along with the Thunersee (Lake Thun).  We got back from the hike as the weather seemed to be changing the temperature dropped and it started to rain we donned our jackets.  The next stop was for a cold Rugenbräu.  Then down to the station.  We gave back the loaner boots and bid the store adieu.   We then took the Cog Train to the bottom; the scenery takes your breath away.  We got back to Lauterbrünnen and went to a store that carries the Lowa brand of boots.  We got two pair so we could hike again tomorrow (Eiger Trail) and we found a nice hat and shirt for Bonnie.  While in the store it started to rain and hail so we waited for the worst to pass and then it was off to the Hotel Jungfrau for dinner.  We had Rosti with cheese and ham and Älpermacaroni with cheese, onions, potatoes and ham.  Dinner was most excellent.  Then we got some soap and did our laundry.   Then off to bed so we could get and early start to the Eiger hike. That is if the weather cooperates. If not off to Interlaken to rent a little car.(match book car sized) We plan on doing some touring and want to locate to golf course and to check on renting a sail boat on Thunersee.


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