The Shilthorn Experience

We woke about 9:00 AM Switzerland time and got dressed for a run; the scenery takes your breath away as we ran down the valley towards the Schilthorn near the town of Stechelberg. It was still early enough that the sun was changing the perspective of the landscape as shadows and sunlight changed the canvas.

Bonnie ran ahead of me as usual to the base of the Schilthorn, I met her on the way back, some day maybe I will able to keep up with her. She told me that she checked the cameras and the top was clear. So we decided to head there next. We stopped at one of the many springs and got a drink of cold mountain spring water, there are pipes spurting spring water out into watering troughs for livestock that is safe for human consumption.

We returned to the campground got a shower, changed into hiking clothes and left for a bus ride to the base of the Schilthorn and then took 3 changes of cable cars to reach the top. First we went to Gimmelwald, then Murren, then Birg, then finally we got to the top of the Shilthorn.
Look closely the red car in the middle is the gondola it holds 40 people, sometimes there are wagons of freight riding along with the people.

It looks much different from inside the gondola, you can put into perspective the rise of the mountains. These are engineering marvels. Someone had to climb up and establish a base camp from which they could start the project.

On top of the Schilthorn a James Bond movie shot using the restaurant and observation site, but that is not the real reason for going there. The view is better than magnificent. We ate a lunch of Goulash Soup and Pommes Frittes (French Fries); we had Coke in the bottle all the while sitting in a revolving restaurant with a 360 degree view of the Alps. As you pass each new window there are placards telling you the names of the mountains you are looking at.God was it magnificent! The view along with the food and the way everyone makes you feel at home made the day special. We were able to practice using our Swiss-German when we ordered. "Zwie Rugen Brau Bitte!" After lunch we spent 1 Ch Fr. to use the telescope to look down on Lake Thun we were able to see many sail boats on the lake enjoying the abundant wind. The views around us were indescribable.

It was a little chilly when not in the direct sun so we took 2 cable cars down to Mürren. Mürren is a spectacular town perched on the edge of a high mountain side, which is car free. The views on the hike were even more spectacular than those on the morning run.

Bonnie had planned a hike to Grütschalp about an hour and a half walk mostly down hill. On the way while hiking to Grütschalp we passed many waterfalls and stopped at one to refill our water bottles with alpine snow melt as it tumbled down the mountain. At Grütschalp we would take a Funicular to Lauterbrunnen.

A funicular is a special train the descends the mountain where each seat is like steps where you get this view and feeling better than any roller coaster I have been on. The incline is so steep it has cogs that keep it from rolling out of control. It actually sounds just like a roller coaster going up the first drop.

We passed many farms and in the distance we could hear many of the cow bells chiming as the cows walked across the hills in search of greener pasture. When we got back to Lauterbrunnen we stopped at the tourist office and Bonnie booked her Bungee Jump for Saturday we then booked two flights where we will be in tandem with a pilot and run off the mountain side and glide to the bottom of the valley. It will be the nearest thing to flying that we can experience unless we are reincarnated as a bird. That night we walked into town and took the train into Interlaken.

Bonnie wanted hot wings and we stopped at Hooters where our waitress posed for a picture with me. Bonnie bought me a T shirt so I can wear it when we sail to Inner Harbor in Baltimore and go to Hooters for hot wings.

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