Rainy Day


Day 10 started out as a rainy day.  So we lazed around listening to the waterfall from our tent in the campground. 



We took the afternoon train to Wilderswil one way.  We wanted to hike back to Lauterbrunnen. We found the hiking trail back to Lauterbrunnen and we were off.  The trail runs along the Zweilütschinen (two rivers) and Weis Lütschinen (White River) back up river to Lauterbrunnen.

The cobbled stone road way leads to a covered bridge that crosses the Weis Lütschinen.  It is moving far to fast to ford. Once on the bridge you can feel the temperature drop. The water is from the ice melt atop the Alps.

The little clusters of chalets that we hiked by were beautiful they had gardens and lots of flower boxes loaded with flowers. 

We found a house under construction, much different than those built in the States. All the lumber is dimensional.  4x4 is a true 4 inches.

We got to Zweilütschinen when Bonnie told me the sky looked ominous, being the eternal optimist I told her we would not get wet.  Duh!  We started off for Lauterbrunnen it started to thunder a bit and We started running Bonnie soon had me outdistanced but came back and got me so we could share a waterfall together.


It was nice since they had built a ladder for the trout so they could get back up the stream and continue the species.  On the way we saw a realtors sign there was a chalet that overlooked the river for sale. 

The thing dreams are made out of. We got back to Lauterbrunnen and stopped at the Schützen hotel for dinner. 


It was beginning to drizzle so we sat under the awning and the rain started to fall along with the temperature.  The meal was great I hade Wiener schnitzel and Bonnie had Pizza both were excellent.



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