Day 12 of our Swiss Adventure

The Rϋgenbrau Pilgrimage




It looked a little ominous as we woke up and got started for the day. 


We headed into Interlaken and made a pilgrimage to the Rugenbräu Brewery. 

How convenient they have a direction sign with the brewery name on it.  We walked and walked and finally got there.  We did figure out that we would have been better off walking from Wilderswil as it would have been closer.

They were closed by the time we got there. That was OK by us as we now new how to get there and could return another day.  We discovered a nice place to eat and enjoy some Rugenbräu across from the brewery.  The food and inn keepers were most excellent. 

We then walked back into Interlaken.  We stopped at the Hotel Hirschen for a cold drink.  It was beautiful inside as it is outside.  The food looked delicious and we decided to return soon for a meal as we were still full from the meal at the brewery.

The hotel like the chalets had window boxes full of Red Geraniums.  They houses and hotels all look so pretty like something out of a story book.

We wandered around town looking at the sights and doing some shopping.  When we came upon the Döner Keban shop, where they sell Döner Kebap Sandwiches, we were getting hungry from all the walking so we stopped in.  The sandwiches are made from shaved lamb that has been slow cooked.

Carmel will be so jealous since these are one of her favorites.  We each had one of the sandwiches and they were as good as Bonnie said they would be.   We walked back to the train station at the east end of town and caught a train back to Lauterbrunnen and our tent for a well deserved rest. 


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