Para Gliding

Today one of the activities we planned is a tandem paraglide from above the Lauterbrunnen Valley and land near the campground. As usual we got a late start by the time we got showered and dressed we had to run to the funicular to meet with pilots. They were there along with another passenger from the United Kingdom The third pilot was to meet us at the top of the funicular ride at Grütschalp. Unfortunately signals got crossed and the other pilot was there. When we got there we walked up the hill behind the station.It was very steep and very narrow path. It was actually a wee bit scary if you stumble you would roll off the mountain. We harnessed up and after about 4 good steps we were airborne.Bonnie was right behind me with her pilot.We flew past the Staübach water fall you could reach out and touch it. After circling the valley and our campground we landed in a field across from the campground.
Prior to lift off Lift off!

Over the valley!


Almost bird like without having to eat worms.  We landed back at the campground safe and sound.  It was a thrilling ride.



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