Junfraujoch & The Eiger




Day 5 started off like all the others, a quick trip to the shower room and then off to the Bakerie for some breads and then onto the Bonhaus or railroad station.  We took the train to Klein Scheidegg. There was a soldier on the train and he looked remarkably like David, Bonnie’s son. We changed trains to another train to take us to Jungfraujoch, the highest point in Europe.  The train was a cog rail way and took about an hour to reach the top. The train wound its way up the mountain and after the stop at Eigergletscher the train went into a tunnel carved into the mountain.  It took about 40 minutes to reach the top.  The train stopped twice so you could get out and walk to observation areas to see the Glaciers that the tunnel led us under.


At the top we got out and walked out onto the snow and took some pictures.


Notice the poles in my picture; they just add them and the ropes as the snow falls. We then went inside into a bunch of paths carved into one of the glaciers.  There were various rooms that had some artistic carvings. There were tunnels and sculptures that we enjoyed.


Unlike Ice carvings we see at home these have been there for years since the temperature is not an issue for them. It was pretty cold.   We were wearing long pants and our jackets.  However, out in the snow we took our jackets off as the sun was warming us to a comfortable level. We went inside the observation area and had another tourist snap a picture of us under the Jungfraujoch sign.


Then we went to the Sphinx the top of the weather station.  The view was incredible; you can see Italy and France in the distance.  We then left and took the train back to Eigergletscher where we got off and hiked the Eiger Trail. 




This trail leads you around to the north face of the mountain.  The trail was most excellent.  The scenery and views of the north face are indescribable. The trail even though high up and with drops off on one side left you with a feeling of safety as the mountain was on the other side for you to grab onto.  The trail had several areas where you had to cross the snow pack.


It was a warm day in the sun but when crossing the snow pack you immediately felt the temperature change.  We saw numerous water falls and eventually had to cross the water cascading down the mountainside.  The water was ice cold and crystal clear.  We took the opportunity to refill our water bottles.  Cold, clear, Alpine water; along with views that we took pictures of but do the scenery injustice, Life is Good. 


After a bit we came upon some Ibex in the mountain grazing.  They had bells on them and we stopped and took some pictures.  The animals are used to humans and allowed us close enough to touch them. 


We moved on down the mountain side and reached the town of Alpiglen where we ran into a herd of cows all with bells on them. 

At Alpiglen we decided to walk onto Grindelwald.  The trail was mostly blacktop road at this point.  So we jogged our way to Grund the west side of Grindelwald.  We were thirsty so we stopped at the Restaurant and had a couple of Rugenbräu and ordered dinner.  We were joined for dinner by a house sparrow, she was interested in our bread basket, and she came and took some bread we laid out for her repeatedly.  The gentleman at the other table had her take some directly from his hand. We had an excellent view of the mountain while we ordered and ate dinner. Bonnie had Spaghetti Arabiatta and I ordered Lasagna with spinach, we split a salad.  The meal was excellent. While we were eating the rain started and lasted until we were done. We then had to walk to the other Grindelwald station where we had a 45 minute wait for the next train.  Bonnie walked up to a store and bought me a Swiss fob for my key ring and a new hat to replace the one I had.  My hat was made here in Switzerland. I really like it and have retired my Hance’s Point Sailing hat.  We left Grindelwald and went to Zweilutschinen to change trains to Lauterbrunnen.  We got back to Lauterbrunnen and walked back to the campsite overlooking the beautiful water fall.


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