We had David, Bonnie’s son; drive us to my brother, George’s house, in western New Jersey. George then took us to Newark’s Liberty Airport where we flew on Continental to Zurich. Once there we wandered about the city and after an obligatory stop at the Spruengli Chocolate Factory for some fresh Chocolates we headed to the train stationthen to take the first of two trains to Lauterbrunnen. The first train was to Interlaken where we changed trains, having only to wait 10 minutes between trains. We then proceeded to Lauterbrunnen we had reservations at a campground outside of the villiage. The train station (bahnhouse) was about a mile from the campground. Like idiots we schlepped our baggage to the campground, not knowing they had a shuttle van. We pitched our tent and went out to get a bite to eat in the little village. We dined outside with a magnificent view of the Alps. Being a little farther north in latitude the sun sets later in the night and we had daylight until 9:30 PM.

The factory store called and we answered. The first candy is on them and then you have to select somthing for yourself from the large selection they have. Everything made your mouth water in anticipation of the treat it was going to have. The decision was a difficult one. However, we selected several different morsels for the train ride. Unfortunately, it was a warm day and rather than have the chocolates melt we ate them. Well that is our alibi and we are sticking to it. YUM they were good!

Of course we had to wander down to Lake Zurich to see the sailboats. The day was warm and there was a favorable wind. It was lunch time 12:00 until 2:00PM is the lunch hour. Many people were out sun bathing and recreating in the park surrounding the lake. I took my shoes off and went wading. The water was quite chilly. We wandered around a bit and then left for the train station. On the way back we passed one of many Bear statues decorated with different things: coins, rhinestones, and of course Gummy Bears. Close to the train station and scattered throughout the region are Lowa Test Stores. If you are going to hike or climb in the Alps you can try a pair of their boots for free for the day. You need to surrender your passport or some other valuable item to make sure you return the shoes. We tried some later in the week. Lowa gave us the name of several shoe stores and outfitters where we could purchase the shoes if we wanted.

We made it back to the train station and headed towards Lauterbrunnen. We had to change trains in Interlaken. The trains all had an attendant pushing a cart selling refreshments. Beer, wine, soda and water along with snacks. Now you would think that this will add to the litter. WRONG! the train was immaculate, the Swiss people do not tolerate litter or persons not cleaning after their pet.

The train wound its way through the countryside where the alps came into view.

We arrived at the campground and had a Rugenbrau, a cold locally made beer. it was like velvet. If there is beer in heaven I am sure it will be Rugenbrau. We put up the tent and went out for dinner and then back to the tent for some sound sleep. The cold air came tumbling down into the valley from the snow covered Alps. We slept in our sleeping bags and were warm and toasty.

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