Folkfest at Interlaken


Day 9 we left the campground and headed to Stechelberg where we climbed the trail to Gimmelwald. It was all up hill but the sights along the way were spectacular. When we got to the top we walked across the top to Grütschalp where we took the funicular to Lauterbrunnen so we could get ready for the folk festival at the Hotel Casino Kurasal.


Bonnie has some trail mix and I am carrying the water bottles. Notice the trail markers.  They are in time to the next location.  Along the way we saw some paragliders coming from the Schilthorn.

We got back to Lauterbrunnen and were off to the Casino Kurasal for the folk fest.  They folk fest comes with a meal, Cheese Fondue naturally.   You have to like cheese to enjoy the local cuisine. 


Cheese fondue and white wine along with the company of Bonnie, Does life get any better than this.

This folk fest is different in that they encourage audience participation.   I got up and played the Alp Horn.  OK, OK So I just blew it and got it to play a note.   I have no musical talent.

The folk fest was about the country people of Switzerland, their native traditions, and how they entertained themselves with homemade music.  One of the things they did was fill a bowl with coins and then start one of the coins rolling down the side and keep it from getting to the bottom by gyrating the bowl similar to the way you would a hula hoop.  Bonnie and I both did it and the music was something else.

The room that the festival was in was very ornate I took a few pictures.


The festival ended all too soon.   After it was over we headed into Interlaken and walked around a little before heading back to the Campground.  


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