The Campground for our Swiss adventure

We went to the store at the campground and got some bread, cheese, and some juice for breakfast.  We ate under that canopy at the campground.  This is a nice shaded area when the sun is out and a big umbrella during the rain.  The people at the campground are helping us learn Swiss-German.  They allow us to murder the language and then teach us a new word each day.

We keep talking about the campground so we took some pictures of the flags they have.  Each Canton, like states in the USA, has its own flag. The one with the bear on it is from Bern the Canton we are in. The building is behind the stage is the common area. They have a kitchen, TV room, Shower and WC(bathrooms).  They also have several laundry rooms.

Bonnie got a big kiss for taking me on such a fun vacation. We spent the rest of the day in Interlaken shopping.   We needed an extra duffle bag to bring home some Rugenbräu. We stopped to wet our whistle and saw a sight you do not see in the states.  People here bring their pets with them to the bars and restaurants, even if they are not aid animals.  They are all well behaved and lie at their master’s feet.   How nice for them to get out of the house and enjoy a night of socializing.

Kind of hard to see but there is a German Shepard under the bar stool.


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