It is day 7 of our adventure and it started off like all the others. We were rushing for the train to Wengen. The train is a cog rail way because of a steep incline to get up to Wengen.  At Wengen an even steeper incline awaited us.  We chose to take the cable car up to Männlichen where there was a folk festival.


Bonnie was disappointed by the size of the folk festival.  I was not.  The last time Bonnie was at the festival there were over 100 Alp Horns. The festival that she was at happens every other year; the year in between they have a smaller version.  I thought the smaller version was spectacular, so the larger festival would be un-describable. We got up top at about 10:50 AM and the festival was to start at 11:00.  There was a bike race going on at the same time.  Kind of bizarre that it was happening at the same time as the folk festival.  The down hill portion I could have handled the up hill portion would be another story.  Well since we were early for the festival we did the only logical thing we could. We headed for a vendor selling Rugenbräu.  It tasted like one more, so we had another.  Then we moved over to the hotel; where the festival was about to begin and told the waitress “ excusie fräulein zwei Rugenbräu Kleine bitte”  she immediately brought us two more small (“Kleine”) mugs of beer, large would have been “gross”.


 We watched as two men with horse whips started to whip them back and forth causing them to crack like gunfire.  They were followed by traditional folk dancers who danced to the music played by an accordion, and a woman singing and yodeling then the Alp Horns.  They played and the dancers returned where they played along with some of the traditional instruments; spoons, broomsticks and pieces of wood. 


While all this was going on we were enjoying more Rugenbräu.  We also ordered Rosti with fried eggs on top.  Rosti is like hash brown potatoes with ham and onion and sometimes cheese in it.  Bonnie thinks it was the best Rosti we have had on the trip.  We had some more Rugenbräu and left the hotel to walk up to the top of the mountain.


Halfway there we had a power failure that was cured by a power nap in the field.  After we woke up, rested, we continued the trip to the top where we got some great shots of the valley and mountains around us.  There were several paragliders sailing over the mountains.  We returned to town where we stopped for a couple more Rugenbräu at the Schützen Hotel and sat outside at the tables. We heard a band and looked down the street where the Lauterbrunnen Town band was marching up the street.  They gave an impromptu concert across from the hotel. 

We finished a couple of more beers off and went to the Jungfrau Hotel for dinner.  All in all it was another good day in Switzerland.



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