Day 11 of our Swiss Adventure The hike to Allmendhubel





As we left the campground we saw the pilots that flew us on the paragliders landing in the field across from us.  We stopped and said hello.


Then we picked up our trail from yesterday by taking the bus to Stechelberg and cable car back up to Gimmelwald.  We stopped at the Gimmelwald for lunch at a place recommended in our guide book.  The book said the food was great and that they had Brownies to die for.  On the way in we saw on the menu an item called “Horse Shit Balls”  Not being adventurous we stuck to menu items we understood such as Rosti.  Bonnie had the Rosti I settled for a Ham and Cheese (Swiss Emmentaler) sandwich along with our beverage of choice Rugenbräu.  We left the restaurant and began the trek to Allmendhubel it was all up hill.  After the first arduous climb we reached the top and passed a barn that had a lot of real horse shit.  I mentioned to Bonnie when I visited the water closet I checked out the inside of the inn and I saw the “Horse Shit Balls” they were Brownies… MISTAKE! Bonnie said lets go back and get some for the trail.  She said I could wait for her while she went back.  Being slightly retarded I went back down to the Inn along with Bonnie.  Where she purchased a couple of “Horse Shit Balls”, they were great we shared one and put the other into my fanny pack for later.  Onward and upward we climbed to Allmendhubel.


 Once there the plan was to head towards Grütshalp and Mürren to pick up the lower trail back to Lauterbrunnen.  The trail was like all the others just magnificent in scenery.  We were getting to see the same mountain ranges from a different perspective.  We finally reached Allmendhubel.




On the walk we saw some of the chalets that were decorated and some that were inscribed with religious sayings or the date that the chalet was built.

It is good we planned to hike down to Lauterbrunnen as the Allmendhubel cable car was not running when we got there.  The last car left an hour before we reached the station.  So we hiked the trail and came to a splitting point one trail climbed almost vertically to an alpine hut.

I wanted to go to the hut and spend the night.  However, we could not tell if it would be open and the climb would be about 2 hours up and 2 back if it was closed.  So we stayed with the original plan.  We hiked on towards our destination using the placemat from lunch as our map, not one of the brightest things that we have done. We hiked towards Oberburg where we would descend to the trail from Mürren to pick up the trail down to Lauterbrunnen that we saw on our hike from Mürren several days before.  We finally came to the trail from Mürren and started towards Grütschalp.

Along the trail we were able to look across the valley to see the villages and mountains on the other side. All along the trail the wild flowers were starting to grow.



We came upon the trail that led to Lauterbrunnen; however, it was closed because of the danger of rock slides and avalanches.  All was not lost as there was another trail that crossed under the Funicular that ran to Grütshalp and led down to Lauterbrunnen. We passed under the Funicular and found the trail.  A funicular passed over us as we went through the bridge.

The little car is for hauling baggage and supplies to the village.


We then climbed down the trail that was narrow, steep and littered with pine cones.   Jim slipped onto his rear end twice, because of the loose ground and steep incline.   We had one place where Jim misread the trail.  Jim Says “the trail was poorly marked.”  It is very rare so far to find a trail that had so few markings.  After we figured out the only thing that belongs where we are is mountain goats we back tracked to where Bonnie found the correct trail and we started back down again.


The clouds were rolling in and turning darker.  It began to get really dark as we were in the wooded sections of the trail.  Naturally Jim kept the flashlight safe and sound in the tent.  On the way we passed a barn with several sheep.  We were able to get them talking by baaing to them.  Jim took some shaky film of the experience. We descended down past some beautiful houses on the way into the town of Lauterbrunnen. When we got back to Lauterbrunnen we stopped at the Campground where Bonnie ordered Pizza Inferno that was spicy and very good, Jim got Weiner schnitzel with pommes frittes (French fries) we shared a Gmeischter salat and several of our favorite Swiss beverage.


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